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  • arql07 arql07 Feb 22, 2013 10:05 AM Flag

    Out of the blocks

    200,000+ shares trading at .037. Yesterday, bedrockme claimed we were wiped out. Last week he claimed the deal fell through. Yesterday he's writing the SEC to investigate IHUB board with time stamps and no disclaimers and that the hardmans will be band from stockmarket. Go for it vmax....sorry bedrockme.

    It's interesting that vmax, will use old tv and movie names. Stalag, outlawjoseywales,bedrock. Bet if we dug harder we could find others.

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    • Held well all day. 1M shares traded. I like that daytraders on IHUB, want us to join them. I don't think a single soul on their board has any clue about this stock. Vmax go educate them. You like posting 20 messages in a row over there. You must be slipping in your old age. Maybe you depressed about VAPR. Like I stated earlier in the week, your messages all MOOT, if they do get funding. 2 years wasted trying to steal our shares. Maybe you got no life?

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    • It poked through the .004's on the bid and ask. Daytraders got taken. They paid .006 and sold at .0037 and less. Anyone speak to the BMGP this week? I figure someone called them on action yesterday. Paul, if they announce will you share the investor title info. My only hope is if they do announce something, that this time it's verifiable with solid companies. This needs to be legit business partners, with a good track record. The stronger it is, the higher the share price will scramble. I still give it a 20% of occuring.

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