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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Mar 26, 2013 9:20 AM Flag

    Quarter statement

    Paul stated they will be releasing the latest quarter update. It's complete. I spoke to him yesterday for about 10 minutes. I agreed to not slam them in my e-mails and he stated I could call him with any questions. I came away from the conversation with little positive news. They still feel it's moving forward? We'll have to see. I have no solid opinion.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Of course they feel its still moving forward. What else would anyone expect to hear, from these guys. For as long as they've continued t tell people this, still hasnt changed the fact, that the Hardmans cant be trusted. As long as they have been saying, "anytime now", the time passed, shows they werent as close as they led people to believe. Though some make it a point to have to come on here to show a 20% drop on a 10k volume day, there still is an active buyer, with some pretty big bids. 2 million on th bid, even at .0039 is almost $8,000. Why? Theres is 2 million on the bid, and has had some multile million orders pop up here and there. Stating this fact, doesnt make me positive about the Hardman crooks. Just that someone is willing to still pay good money, for this one. Theres been as many 10K drops to 10K lifts. Only a dumb dumb would need to continue to point this out.

      Why is a $2 million dollar deal so hard to close? Up or down for the day, why is there anyone with an order for so many shares, at such a high dollar amount? Who is really willing to be spending so much for this still? Even if long, and patient, why has so little in fundng options taken so long to either produce, or shutting up the Hardman's "any day", "getting close", or "positive"?