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  • rileyandcass rileyandcass Apr 3, 2013 4:34 PM Flag

    Pay attention Temp

    I believe the last trade, excuted at 4:08, was for 4,573,500 shares, for a daily total of 8,948,699.
    Quit acting like you are such an informed investor and go read the annual report on otc,
    it was released today

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    • Nice volume today. This form T looks interesting. Just read the financials and they didn't look bad. Anyone notice how they paid $100K and some insider loaned them the funds. Wonder why? I'm having a great week, a stock i held for years has now done a triple for me. Thinking about taking some profits and get 2M shares at these lows. I believe they are keeping current, because funding will come. Glad to see you back posting riley. spring training almost over? I talk to paul last week and got the feeling they are working hard on funding. Cannot change anything. I stated I was in for a homerun and it's not over to the fat lady sings.

      Temps may think he's the Fat lady.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Riley, its been clear that Tempelariat and all his yahoo names dont understand things, just because he posts about them. Its only a matter of time before he starts the "growing concern" posts of that particular section of a pinksheets filing. Only to be supported right away by his others names. He clearly doesnt have the knowledge or experience in financial statements. The way he describes the T-Trade action seems that he's seen these type trades before, and will try the "one size fits all" approach. A lot of people must have him and his ids on ignore since its takes a pretty big effort to get the few responses he does get. I dont yet, because Id miss all this inexperience of one trying to pretend experience. Its only a matter of time before the off the wall explanations are followed by eventual avoidance, when he's stuck without enough knowledge to continue. He's probably seen a T-Trade in another stock that was probably already on its downward spiral as a company. Whether that T-Trade experience was for a strategic reason, or happened when it did, based on whatever that company ended up doing, he has no working knowledge of what or how there might have been a T-Trade in BMGP today.