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  • vmax40grain vmax40grain May 10, 2013 8:15 PM Flag

    For what purpose does bmgp exist?

    It's not even a worthwhile speculation with hardmans' track record.......why would ANYONE buy one single share of this junk? More importantly.....who buys the junk shares the flippers bought to sell....???? What could be the purpose of bmgp's existence?.........It ain't shareholder's not isn't pva or biodiesel......

    Why does this sorry example of a "startup" exist and continue to trade?

    Who benefits?

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    • Are you really this stupid? Eraser boy, what are you going to do to replace the twenty times a day you check this board. Dude your pathetic life is this board. Once this is over, then you have no one but yourself to blame. Today at least you can point the finger away from yourself.


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      • Nonsensical answer....once again....who benefits from the 'trading' of bmgp shares?

        How can trading a junk stock benefit someone? Is it a tax writeoff? Some way to play the books?

        What benefit is there to buying worthless shares in a pump dump scheme?

        Is someone able to somehow show a false profit? For what reason would they do so?