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  • bedrocksme bedrocksme Jun 10, 2013 4:24 PM Flag

    Arql, should the company be providing a consistant ongoing pattern of keeping

    investors informed? Isn't that why we invest in the first place? They need money, and we pick and choose who we give it to, based on the responsbility that once they take investors money, that we get a standard form of updates. All of this, "could this be the week", and its been how long since they've provided updates, during dilution? Therefore, dilution shows they continue to take investors money, knowing at some point its just taking money. Wheres their part? Why arent they wanting to do this for investors? Even my investment this time around, I want to see this start to have them act like a responsible public company. Wasnt the trade off, if we believed, chose them over others, and funded operations, they would at least let us know whats happening monthly? Partially, or hoping to be successful ones, wouldnt consider doing this, for this long. Doesnt this show what they are made of? How they would handle the rough times? Show up when it might be good, and disappear when its bad? Is that what we are to trust?

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    • Couple of points, first every announcement cost us money and therefore more dilution. Is it more dilution necessary when they take our phone calls and answer our emails. To me no, maybe others need more talking points from them, but when they say anything this board erupts with pumping accusations. When you are negotiating with an outsider, the last thing you want is those folks seeing the slander that is put on here when they say anything. I was told there would be no announcements until the deal was complete, and that is what is happening.

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      • That is the dumbest thing I can expect to hear. They have diluted for every single fee, including their life style. regardless, if they hit a run out the park, they still owe those who paid years ago, an update. No...being a public company that wants to rely on those who may email, shouldnt have taken thousands of dollars from investors, to avoid a $99 update a quarter. Is it that bad over at Biomagnetics? Then shut down and screw the rest. But to keep taking anything from the PUBLIC, then you cant avoid the PUBLIC. Like it or not, you cant just cash in, and duck and run. Regardless if you win or lose. You have the rules along the way. Outside of hope and gains, theres still real world investing. We deserve an official update like any investment. If they do well, and then run into a wrinkle would we exepct this again? Either they get it or they dont. I alone have paid for everyones PR then. Take the 99 bucks out of my recent buy and update EVERYONE.