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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Aug 16, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    Short position

    I understand that the informant ones will dispute this, but on OTC shorting board, it shows that 500,000 shares were shorted the day this tanked from .0068 to .0036. I wrote Paul and they state that they haven't diluted shares recently.

    We have seen these drops before and they haven't worked. It also seems that the informant ones got their marching orders prior to the shorting of this stock. Anyone notice how many id's showed up prior to the price action. Here is my one wish, that someday they get to the nasdaq and there we can see transparency on who owns shares. Someone or some group own a majority of these shares. I believe some of us longs who were smart enough to scope up shares in the .0015 range, put a little damper on the scheme. I believe that the PVA holds the cards to some huge appreciation. It doesn't make sense that vmax buys shares in BMGP in the .10 range, pumps as hard as his little feet would move and then after it tanks, he gets off his sorry butt and does research. No one works that hard. They didn't bank on a few investors seeing through this and beating them to these shares.

    if China allows theses deals to happen, then this will move fast. We have waited the past year on China. Someone owns a great deal of these shares. They constantly run a misinformation blitz on numerous message boards. Hornett22,vmax,badd,temps. This spike to .0169 at one time, who was willing to pay that much? My guess if you looked back at the timeline, it was prior to china getting hard on these deals. The current move to the .006s is on speculation that China let's this happen. They can't take the price down to low, we get motivated at buying it. This is like the metals game, they took the price down to low, the world started buying it. Same thing here. All they can hope for is that they rattle our resolve.

    This is my opinion, please do your own DD.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • LOLOLOL!!!!!'s aMAZing that someone who gets everything wrong as consistently as you has actually managed to eke a profit out of this dog of a pump dump....if you hadn't been standing inside the barn you could have never hit it......

      • 1 Reply to vmax40grain
      • This coming from the same joker who got taken on the first RTO and then with no revelations , pumped the China deals here. By the looks of things, you shouldn't be LOL at anyone. In 2009 you were so sure of yourself, that you attacked daily any concerned investor. Then when you got exposed as being involved in the TTCH loses, you erased your posts. But whogotdataudit was wise enough to post it for us. This is why you erased your posts, because there was a history of stupidity.

        You should be the last person to throw stones. How's VAPR doing. How is it that you are involved with many of these penny scams. Tell JN he needs a smarter class of bashers next time. This group has been exposed countless times. I have been consistently correct on this investment. You were the one wrong. Under your watch, investors lost 99.9% of their investment. I can say that we have seen at least a double from where I started. If VAPR falls to below a penny, you will have seen a stock that did a reverse split and somehow found a way to get under a penny twice. The best vmax you bought into the first RTO scam with TTCH and their pr's was that the exhaust all the sales in China and they were headed to the USA. Really and you laughing at me. We know all this by your own posts. In fact maybe time to repost that post. So everyone knows the human piece of trash you are.

        Sentiment: Hold