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  • bright.right Nov 8, 2013 11:07 AM Flag


    I look at this stock every couple of months and bring up the message board. The heartbreak is my speculation of this stock making me a couple was a big disappointment. I lost a lot but did not lose my life, I'm not stuck in a time machine of yesterday's loses. I can't afford to cry over spilt milk I might miss my next speculation. The pumpers and dumpers don't have any creditability and it is laughable all the time wasted. Maybe I am wrong, I hope so for your sake.
    Good luck to all who are holding.

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    • I truly thought they had a slam-dunk....Los Alamos HANDED THEM cartridges and IOBS, they stated in PR's trials and testing were set up with multiple willing participants...and a non-invasive diagnostic device is much easier to validate than say a medication of some kind....... I wound up being sucked into the pump dump vortex they created with their stock promoter(s)......IOBS was used as pump dump bait....a shame.

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      • Bright right

        Why the same message on Biel's board using the id zam-zam-mah. Apparently you have run out of ideas and resorting to these childish games.

        The buyer cannot buy any cheap shares without paying a super premium for them. Vmax is using multiple ids on BIEL board and on this board.

        The PVA is a $100M proposition for BMGP. Throw in the IOBS and you are looking at a company that could go above $1 and maybe $3. The RV will set the game in motion and soon vmax will be back pumping. My last buy was 100k shares at .0018. You want them have to soon pay 100X or even 1000x.

        I spent $180 for those last 100K shares. They could be worth $18K. These games don't work vmax. It shows you are getting old and ineffective. BTW I could sell those 100K shares today for $580. Not to shabby.

        Sentiment: Buy