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  • a_longhaul a_longhaul Apr 7, 2014 6:15 PM Flag

    Fibbing The Cloud Play

    This thing has a forward ~ 2 Years PE of greater than 200 - Growth?? They just as well write massive rebate checks to their customers to maintain their "growth" - until this company can put together a sequential string of quarterly profits - it's just pretty cloudy where they'll end up.

    AND they'll need another secondary offering - offer filing possibly early next year - before they'll have two consecutive qtrs of profit (anybody can pull a "quick one qtr profitability trick").

    I wish somebody could go through their books thoroughly - their revenue is almost equal to their SG&A.

    M&A? Their revenue would not make a dent for anybody of significance and their bottom line is huge drag for any profitable small to medium size company! Sure, there is a right price for everything - in this case $5 to $10 - 2X to 5X sales (true sales with no rebates! or freebies) - whoever buys it would have to pretty much GUT the company to get it to profitability quickly - now why would anybody top dollars to do such a thing.

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    • Quote from "Textura: 4 Reasons You Shouldn't Buy Into This Sell-off" Feb 21, 2013

      ""In its THREE reports, Citron has ......... Moreover, Citron says that Textura's MAIN PRODUCT from which it gets nearly 63% of its REVENUE is essentially a utility software program used for submission of signed lien waiver forms. ""

      Now, you don't have to be a high tech person to figure out that this is a glorified online FORM FILLER Assistant - "about 63% of the revenue" - that is pretty high % and would anybody pay a good premium for this? And how difficult would it be for a Silicon Valley programmer to do the same??? - in a couple of weekends ... part time? IMHO

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