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  • a_longhaul a_longhaul Apr 9, 2014 5:37 PM Flag

    That's what they call Pump and Dump

    And it's normally done by the Brokers and Analysts - and if the insiders does it - watch out!

    Quote from "Textura: 4 Reasons You Shouldn't Buy Into This Sell-off" Feb 21, 2013

    ""In its THREE reports, Citron has accused Textura of several frauds and misrepresentations. These include alleged participation by Textura's CEO in a PUMP and DUMP scheme and exaggeration of its business metrics. Moreover, Citron says that Textura's MAIN PRODUCT from which it gets nearly 63% of its REVENUE is essentially a utility software program used for submission of signed lien waiver forms. ""

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    • I'm sorry but this is pure ignorance like 99% of the comments on this board. Yes, Textura's main product is CPM which is a 'unity software used for submission of signed lien waiver form' but this language significantly downplays the importance of this software. Before Textura, everything was done via hard copy that previously had to be created/filled/passed around to several different—this software facilitates, tracks and speeds up the process all in one location. Yes, the software is niche and understandably this goes over most people's heads who not involved in the construction industry but it does have tremendous importance in the industry. Most investors miss the larger picture here. As it gains more and more traction (which it has done significantly in only ten years), it is going to become the industry standard and it is well on its way. The "inane" flow of PR releases is a documentation of all the companies that have freshly agreed to use Textura's software—that should be evidence enough that there is value in what they are doing. Following their trajectory, they've already expanded and invested in other technologies like LATISTA and Gradebeam—technologies that are making Textura the go to company for construction technology solutions.

      As for Citron, Andrew Left is a known short seller and these reports cause fear within the cattle minded investors. The reports are merely slander--there have been no lawsuits, no investigation by the SEC. The only pump and dump was preformed by Citron and its supporters.

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