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  • pacman328l pacman328l Oct 20, 2008 4:56 PM Flag

    GREAT NEWS for ANTP....$10 Again within 6 months...

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    • Good grief. The CFO's total holdings are $4640! That really speaks volumes for this piece.

    • All you need to know, you already know. The insiders are buying like crazy. ANTP has NEVER been a company that dishes out goodies to the shareholders. But they spoke with their pocketbook...the best speech of all.

    • my prayers to board memmbers

      I pray we good out of this with 2 feet on the ground.
      I am worring about a break below 2

    • I am never selling but do wish they would give us a midterm update on the backlog too convince us all things are well.

      I love this company and hope one big contract rallies us back higher.

      Diamond take a look at the insider purchases. Its huge.


      Wedbush sold everything putting institutional ownership down to 5%. I bet there is more to report up to the end of sept 30 2008. This market sucks. I believe its in the cards. Now how about some news like a big contract so we can diffuse ourselves from depression.

      Short interest is still unbelievably high imho. The stock trades at nearly 1 dollar below book value. Now i use to remember a friend telling me something about trading below book was always for good reason. Feed us a carrot management.
      Lets get out of this stock depression we are in. I checked earnings this weekend. ANTP does not report till the first week of January. Thats a long time from now. 2009 is like 9weeks away. I hope we survive year end tax loss selling.
      God help us all. Holding the fort and standing still with my long gun in hand. This stock has no more liquidity.We need news to instill liquidity back into the stock. I hope you are listening.

    • oh really! Nothing has changed fundamentally. You make this sound like it was good. Where is the other million gone?

      Give us a contract! Long term or short our assets remain at 3 dollars and change. The problem is this stock cannot go higher than book unless a bigger contract proves that earnings are growing. In a shrinking economy business can prove things can get worse for small companies like phazar.

      Back log orders are falling so please give us something to chew on other than long term investments converted back to short term cash. At 1% interest instead of 4 % interest equivalent just shows a decrease in earnings of an extra 130,000 in interest a year.

      Whatever happens good luck to us shareholders for when the next long term shoe falls many a small corporations are going to fall by wayside. The big fish are going to underbid small companies like phazar. Thats the problem. Profit margins fall in times of recession slash depression. That is why we are not trading at a premium to book anymore.

      The future is all about restoring confidence. Lets hope phazar can maintain profits and hope they dont turn to losses.

      If they turn to losses that will eat into our cash reserve and then if we have a 3 year downturn and survive we will have just have enough cash to weather the storm. If this happens we will start trading at a discount to book and need to borrow from our credit lines.

      my 2 cents worth

      We live in scary times. Many a friend have lost fortunes in the last 8 weeks. Some have been wiped out. No lies.

      How are the current base of shareholders feeling? I bet richer for selling and walking away months ago from this investment. Who is left holding the bag of beans?

      The short sellers were right all along. I was right last year when i said this was overpriced. I win again on my call.

      Where did wan go?
      Where did ralph go?
      Where did philsie go?

      All are hit with some very big losses across their whole portfolio. Nobody escaped the wrath of their own losses. Thats why phazar is trading here. All the day traders who trade phazar have no liquidity anymore. They lost on other larger investments in their portfolio and had to sell to keep up with their margin calls.

      Alot of the regulars are forever gone.

    • With an economic slowdown they may make losses not profit. 5 maybe 6 is in the cards.

      Good long term investment ILE (Isolagen)biotech, expect new drug on market Q1 2009.