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  • neverenough_money neverenough_money Jan 20, 2012 12:14 AM Flag

    Sales & Marketing Expenses Rocketed UP !! Where's the Beef?

    Garland Asher better justify these new higher expenses with Contract Announcemnts Soon OR even with his Wharton MBA, he needs to go and get a YOUNGER GUY with new vision to run PHAZAR.

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    • Riddle me this......

      How do you have increased commissions with decreased sales?

      Read their release. This is what it says!!!! Incoming orders fell 48% from last year (ie sales people are NOT doing their jobs) so we are going to pay them MORE commission. I got it.

      So what is Ahsr's background? By any chance did he come from the govt? I know nothing other than only a government person would think that paying more commission for a 48% decrease in order makes sense.

      By the way, how old is he?

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      • I don't understand how backlog can be down so much. Did everyone take nov and dec off? I know if I produced those results at my job, I'd be looking for new work an I certainly wouldn't be paid.

        We are absolutely due an explanation and SIGNIFICANTLY more detail in the 10-Q around the strategy for this company going forward, particularly re: Traccaire. And why aren't insiders buying any stock? This company should be in the sweet spot of the mobile revolution and they are squandering the opportunity and our money.

        When is the next shareholder meeting?