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  • philsie1 philsie1 Feb 21, 2013 1:58 PM Flag

    Would be laughable if not also criminal!

    I first started trading this stock when the price inexplicably ran up to $52/share after a failed buyout (at which time I was shorting the hell out of it). During this "heyday", senior officers (Havener, then CEO included) cashed out a large chunk of their insider holdings for an amount that exceeds the current value of the company by about 10 times ($12-13 mil in equity cashed out by insider sales). The float jumped from 700k to about 2.2 million shares over the month following the run to $52. ANTP became a day-trader's haven with speculators and short-sellers in mass quantities.

    Now, the CEO and directors have effectively agreed to sell the company to themselves at a substantial discount to book value. Then they can sell off the assets and real estate for substantially more than they have "MARKED DOWN" on their filings and walk away with every last cent and more of any buyer of their stock. And they will get away with it too because who gives a #$%$ about a tiny little company like this.

    Way to go TEXAS!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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