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  • mamabearsucks mamabearsucks Jan 24, 2011 6:49 PM Flag

    Next quarter going to lose $8 million

    That seems to be what they're pointing to:

    midpoint of $27.5 mil in rev
    gross margin of 57% gets you to: $15.675 mil

    then you back out the $23+ mil in opex.

    Do the math yourself (and compare it to this qtr). Ugly.

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    • Only???

      How about those Terenetics deals and expected revs promised by Guzy, Schmitt and the rest of the team...fizzled out?


    • Completely wrong. The operating expense includes amortization of the acquisition and stock options expense, etc. They'll see a similar 1/4 to this with 27.9m in revenues. Will result in a gapp loss of .17/share and a non-gap of .02/share. Given the stock is trading down slightly in ahs, the miss may have been factored into the #s. We're not that far from the 12 month low of 3+. I doubt we'll see it drop much below 3.30 or so tomorrow. If you're hoping for more of a drop, you're probably very mistaken.

      The margins were stronger than expected, resulting in a smaller loss than expected. Next 1/4's loss will be trimmed to .02/share or so, even though revenues will be lower. The company is operating more efficiently, even though they will have less revenues than expected.

      We'll see how it plays out tomorrow.