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  • imadeadcat imadeadcat Nov 25, 2013 4:53 PM Flag

    I reviewed proxy info from Potomac and PLXT

    The Potomac info is more thorough and compelling. No offense to PLXT management and directors.... but the lack/minimal ownership in PLXT is concerning. Prediction... Potomac wins unless PLXT has an ace they haven't shown.

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    • Whilst aged directors are no longer an issue as the new byelaws prevent anyone over 72 standing for election, the lack of ownership by directors, and particularly the chairman who must be worth a bob or two, is a concern. Presumably Guzy is no longer eligible to stand for election.
      However, I think that without knowing why the IDT takeover was torpedoed by the FTC, going for a re-run of the process might be a waste of time.

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      • Maybe I am mistaken but didn't the FTC tell us they were objecting to the IDTI merger due to monopoly concerns in the PCI Express space (~85%+ market share between PLXT and IDTI). My understanding is that IDTI took their ball and went home ( basically dropped out of the PCI Express market) after the merger failed, thereby creating a monopoly by default…. probably not what the FTC wanted. Without research I am unable to postulate as to whether IDTI would be rebuffed by the FTC should they float another offer. Possibly, they would have to wait another year or two?