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  • alta10bc alta10bc Dec 17, 2007 8:30 PM Flag

    RNP is in the financial...........

    ...sector and tell me what finance company is not beaten down by weak hands, shorts etc. When looking at the RNP chart for the last year it is just as demoralizing as every other finance stock. Personally I have been loading up on the depressed prices of a lot of these poor looking chart stocks. But my, what gorgeous yields they are paying and lets not forget you must have patience for the long term rewards. Buffet said buy when there is fear in the street and sell when there is greed. I'm buying now and getting paid handsomely to wait for the stock to go up. Too many investors want a quick return, which is fine but sometimes patience is a virtue!

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    • Questions for you alta: on the RPF board, you said you held this stock (RNP) for 4 years. I have a couple of questions for you:

      1) Do you reinvest your dividends and other distributions
      2) Are you ahead of your original out of pocket contributions.

      I thank you if you choose to answer.

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