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  • alta10bc alta10bc Dec 20, 2007 9:06 PM Flag

    Book value of...........

    ........RNP is over $29.00 at present time. It may take a year for RNP to get back to that level. It is a great income stock which is why I hold it. Getting $800.00 per month plus nice cap gain is a no brainer. The tax man wants some of that but the way I see it, if I'm making money I do not mind paying taxes. Lot of folks think these Cohen Funds are high risk, show me a stock that does not carry risk? My gentleman at Wachovia thinks I'm nuts to hold RNP, wants me to sell! I think he jealous of me making my own trading decisions, thinks he can do better by buying foreign stocks. Wow!

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    • Oil analist stated that the refinery has been down for service for two months but is now up and running and should contribute to the bottom line again.

    • "...getting $800./mo. plus capital gain..."

      alta that would suggest you own 4k shares of RNP. Hopefully at or near $20/shr. So at or near an $80k investment in RNP I feel certain you'll do better than if you went out and bought a 'brick & mortar' real estate investment.

      One percent per month return on your investment less taxes, without having to bother with repairs and collecting the rent.

      Have you put any of those shares in your name(out of street name of broker acc't) so you are enrolled in RNP's DRIP?

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      • ......No, I have not requested Certificates and am not in "Drip" as mama bear and I are retired and live off of income. Bought another 200 yesterday at $19.60 but down this AM. My average price is just under $22.00 as have held some since the $25.00 area.
        ......My broker at Wachovia says I am nuts to hold closed end funds as they are high risk, trade below NAV and could fall preciptuously at any time! Would like to hear others take on this? Seems a lot of investors hold the funds, but must admit the RMK Funds are a disaster. Glad I do not own any!

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