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  • qresearchq qresearchq Jan 20, 2007 3:16 PM Flag


    Show me another telecom company that is currently selling at 5 times their 2007 cash flow - $1.33 Dutton EPS estimate and $1.25 IGLD estimate of depreciation/amortization based on the recent acqusition. At 8 times cash flow this is a $20 plus stock by the end of 2008. Their cash flow in 2008 should be at least $3.00 per share. The real key to value is what Igld's management says about future market opportunities for revenues and earning growth. Dutton has indicated that management may spin off Smile Media - this will give a upward boost to the stock price.

    I think that you see what a good underdiscovered company Igld is and want to add to your position at a lower price. Keep in mind that Fidelity owns 3% of the company for the past several years.

    Another point is where management puts their cash flow over the next three years - this cound approach 163 million. If they paid down their $140 million in debt they could be debt free in less than three years. My belief based on listened to the past CC over the last two years is they will use the cash flow to grow the companies revenues and earnings far beyond anything they could earn by paying down debt.

    There is no reason for Igld to take a large correction.

    Another one of Dutton's stock that I own is Xing. This also could be up 50 to 100% this year.

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    • Allright....whew...thats a lotta words...okay I agree with the company, but great company doesn't equal great buy, not to me I guess?...I don't know...if I lose my money is your hands down...but if I keep adding to the down side, say 20+, you think eventually it will tumble a few bucks for me?...well, all I am saying is eventually someone will pull out, and it will be someone, who probably actually cares about losing money....especially someone who has already made a profit...just a thought.

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