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  • dancewynn dancewynn Mar 2, 2014 8:16 PM Flag


    Try some of the pot stocks, this one seems to be cooling off!??

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    • MCIG SKTO SPLI FULL - all doing fine, legit stuff.

      If BTC was going to collapse, this would have been the week. Clearly the feeling is that Mt Gox was the bad apple. In the long run this could end strengthening BTC since it has faced a major crisis and come out rising.

      BTC is taking on cult and anti big gov status. It's very risky, but after thousands of years of silver and gold, enough folks seem to be enamored with BTC to make a worthwhile gamble. I am going to buy up to 10 BTCs. You never know. I don't think it goes to a million. But $10,000? For a few weeks? As a collectible, or a curiousity? I can see that.

      Now that Mt Gox is bankrupt, I think WPCS and TUCND slowly rise. If even ONE major retailer says they'll accept BTC, this stock doubles. That's the deal.

      People don't like centralized government or the fed. BTC sounds more like a populist currency. I think it hangs around for a few years. Long enough to make a profit. If it takes off, great. If not, well don't invest anything in BTC you can't afford to LOSE !!

      Sentiment: Buy

    • mjna