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  • southernlatingent southernlatingent Mar 2, 2014 8:33 PM Flag

    Please read if you are thinking of buying this POS

    Make sure you understand the number of Outstanding Shares. The pps went from 0 to the current $1.37. In my opinion the insiders will dump shares even at 1 penny and make a profit "IF" suckers are willing to buy. You have been warned. Good luck.

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    • Charts don't lie. With Mt Gox and the disasters last week, the blood letting continues.

      Still there's something weird here. These guys running BTCS worked for NASA and are probably true believers. And WPCS hasn't collapsed. And for some reason, oddly enough, the price of BTC is not collapsing it's rebounding. Now back over $560.

      I think it's wise to dump your shares and everyone will do so. WPCS is holding its ground, and TUCND is taking a beating.

      But since BTC prices are clearly immune to this Mt Gox meltdown, I'm going to take a chance. Doubt anyone else is sticking with wpcs or tucnd at this point but there is a bargain point where the risk benefit ratio makes sense.

      I've written to investor relations to see where they are headed. I'm willing to give them one last chance after having seen Mr. Allen on TV several times. If the stock goes much lower it may be a salvage buy. BUT First I need to hear something from Allen and his team. It's black Monday for TUCND, hope their management has some guidance.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • The old pump and dump. You are so right!!!

    • I agree. Did my DD over the weekend and found that there are roughly 100mil shares outstanding. The owners CAN sell 30% now and the rest in 3 months. Fellow investors, don't get scammed and read the sec filings.