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  • teamchaco1 teamchaco1 Jun 30, 2011 8:05 PM Flag

    CADC is the "goose"...

    ...see it going much higher over next several quarters. For various reasons, as previously already stated, this stock has been beaten down. Has to now fall in the "oversold" category.
    Good management, good industry, in good Country. I am not a trader and bought all shares with cash(no debt). Plan on holding for at least several years. I think at this point, those that wanted to leave are gone. Those owners that remain want to be here and realize the potential. Good luck to all fellow long-term shareholders here. Looking for $20+ by 2018, or so. That's 10x for you "homegamers" out there.


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    • Im with you-its all the day trader gambling that has done in solid companies-and i previously posted an article in NYT all about the billions and billions of money going into infrastructure in the county-multi millions in railways and this company has already been awarded huge contracts for several of them.
      Its awful how legitimate money amking companies in china have been decimated by nonsense.

      had my share of losses as a result, but hope its reached its lowest point relative to all of the nonsense-this is a solid company with millions,millions of contracts going forward-the NYT article only further supports the facts.

    • What about the negative cashflow on the balance sheet? Does that not worry you at all? I remember a company by the name of Enron that posted profits after profits without producing a cashflow.

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      • Would not include Enron w/CADC. Really different.
        As already mentioned the higher A/Rs(Accounts receivable)-money owed by others to CADC for work performed- is higher than it should be. This is what is hurting "your" cash flow numbers. The stock price has no doube suffered for this, thus a relatively better buying position now. I really think this will get worked out. Amounts owed are from largely govt sources that will make good. They have to right, if they want to grow the economy and take care of their citizens(plus, unlike the US, they have the money to pay). When these amounts are collected, will most likely "pop" the share price, and provide needed capital to finance the "backlog" for continued rev growth.
        I am long the CADC. I paid cash for shares and plan on holding for many years(I am not a s/t trader). Think if you like to trade, probably better places elsewhere for "quick hits".
        Good luck, regardless.

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