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  • lydiaahern lydiaahern Jul 26, 2011 11:58 AM Flag

    is this all the market has become?

    Im from another mindset-the stock market was historically the safest and only place to put money if one had it-it has merely become nothing but casino gambling except unlike that gambling-everyone is affected, through no doings or fault of their own- its really bad for the people at large-for no reason, good companies get detroyed and stock values go to nothing-yet, unlike the tech bubble(that really started this mess)-where companies werent making a cent, and prices for shares were in the hundreds of dollars- today, solid companies are being decimated in terms of stock prices-and that affects people(majority) terribly.
    Chinese companies really got crazy-i purchased stock in a few over the years- because they were solid, making money, doing business, etc. but that seemed to not matter-including this one-or a company like CSR- and so many many more-
    I am a professional, but not in finance-just thought i needed to say something-CADC is a very good company-making money, and under contract for major HSR projects throughout china- Hundreds of Billions of dollars are going into new infracstructure over the next number of years-
    i never knew of message boards like this but found them last week-i looked up a couple of the companies i own and read the comments-ridiculous really-everyone is an expert-some silly personal fights among the messengers-a few technical bits of info that sound reasonable, but overall-likely just a scam to get people to buy low priced stocks-while theyre selling them off- so what is the sensible investor to do?
    what a drag

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    • It is only since electronic algorithm trading and over sized hedge funds, has the electronic warfare been so prevelant. Most of the large billion dollar plus hedge funds dont care to buy and hold, they run computerized algorithms to trade in microseconds to make money anyway possible. They dont care about valuation, the business or anything other than liquidity and volatility. The computer does all the thinking and plays against other computers to make lots of pennies over and over.

      Check this out...

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