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  • rudysnucci rudysnucci Jan 21, 2014 7:49 AM Flag

    Pvct another Vicl

    Please give info on why Adam is wrong about this point. Also I was a holder of Imcl, and FDA prevented Erbitux from going forward, at first, because it couldn't explain what had caused the Rash in positive responders. Hopefully I am comparing apples to oranges. Thanks, in advance.

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    • PVCT's drug had a complete response rate that was over 8 times greater than VICL's drug in their respective Phase 2 trials. Comparing Allovectin to PV-10 is an insult to PVCT.

    • For starters: 100 year safety record, outstanding efficacy in phase II trials, dual MoA, local and systemic benefits, bystander effect, promising results on multiple indications,strong potential as part of combination therapies (orthogonailty and safety).

      I suggest you start DD with the company website (watch some of the research videos), the "connecting the dots..." PVCT blogsite, their is also a new blogsite of chosen yahoo posts - check the posts here of eckgar1.
      Of course you should look at the papers from the researchers cited by ca_observer below.

      I have not hear that Adam addressed any of the above points.

    • AF calls PVCT's drug #$%$". Mmmmm let me see, Moffitt Cancer cancer disagrees. Dr Thompson a world renound MM oncologist disagrees. Dr Merrik Ross disagrees. Dr Aggarawala disagrees. Obviously FDA disagrees (otherwise why would they not only allow a compassionate program for many years but also allow a doubling of the dose of the compassionate program) etc etc. Now it may be that some place AF's views ahead of these....

    • no info?

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