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  • heelflip56 heelflip56 Jan 25, 2014 11:00 AM Flag

    I think Culpepper was caught with his pants down.! I believe he had a plan for our stock and the SP never imagining

    what could and did take place....AF is a KILLER, A PRO !! and Peter was in the out house and when it happened he ran out with his pants down tripping on his holster and gun around his knees. NOW THAT's PAST
    What's next.....I hear gun shots coming from the hills of Tenn. bottles blowing all a part...rematch? if I know Peter, you bet.....Oh and by the way , Peter is starting to watch a lot of John Wayne movies !! AF IS TOAST..the KID will come back...and I hope soon

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    • What's next? We are years away. 28-person sample size from the Phase 2 study is simply not enough for BTD. Anyone know thinks BTD is happening is dreaming.

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      • From the 8-K:

        "In the subgroup of melanoma patients that received PV-10 injection into all known disease (28 of the 80 ITT patients), 50% achieved a complete response (71% ORR, CI 51-87%)."

        So for these 28 patients ...

        50% achieved a COMPLETE response
        71% achieved an Overall Response Rate (ORR)
        and, perhaps most importantly ...

        The Confidence Interval of the ORR is 51% - 87%.

        In other words, in spite of the relatively small sample size (28), we can conclude with a high degree of certainty that AT LEAST 51% (and possibly as high as 87%) will achieve an ORR.

        That's more than half! If this isn't a "breakthrough" I don't know what is.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • LMAO.

        Do you know the drug? Do you know how well it works? Do you know how benign and safe it is? Safer than a topical cream or saline, by cancer drug standards.

        People are comparing this to what they know - the harsh and destructive medications we've used. This is different. It is not a miracle cure but works for its intended purpose. Why do you think they have used THE best doctors out there? They know that people are and will be skeptical. Even they were.

        They have worked with the BEST. Research it:

        John Thompson - authority in the WORLD on melanoma
        Merrick Ross - the man in the US


        It's too useful for the FDA not to.

        And AF GROSSLY misrepresents the way the FDA works.

        His argument is ILLOGICAL. If they couldn't get a Phase 3 - which he suggested the first day, then they WOULD NOT nix applying for it in favor of a HARDER and special designation - BTD.

        The FDA does not try and trick companies. They provide GUIDANCE to help companies know what is the best path. If a drug is useless or too harmful, they NIX it, stop trials, and it's over.

        Every bit of AF and his logic are either LIES or complete IGNORANCE (I mean, he is a poli sci major with no medical or FDA qualifications).


        The company is overseen by MANY regulator. The company CANNOT LIE or mislead. But they also cannot make claims right now. They are not allowed by FDA regulations to make any claims before it is a fact.

        So those who think they can sell the stock and get back before the 60 days - I warn you - and I am, if you read all my posts, a very REASONABLE person. The news is likely to come out SOONER than 60 days.

        Why? Because this is REAL. Look at Vorlon's posts and read how it works. It's too simple.

        Too good to be true? NO - BETTER!

      • darrell-v Jan 25, 2014 12:29 PM Flag

        has the tech proven to work?
        how are the side effects?

      • PVCT does not do any trial designs without FDA blessing....that is not them.

    • Hope you're right but having extensive experience with C-suite execs, I'm comfortable saying that while Craig Dees is undoubtedly a brilliant scientist, a master at R&D and hopefully a future Nobel Prize winner, a great CEO and leader he ain't.

      This was and continues to be a "damage control issue," orchestrated by big-time adversaries. Effectively dealing with it and gaining the upper-hand, requires unique expertise and professional experience. For reasons unknown - unless you're 100% right - Dees and his cohorts attempted to handle it themselves and succeeded in demonstrating how far out of their league they were when it comes to company leadership and crisis management.

      This is not their area of expertise and proves for the one zillionth time that when it comes to top management, the skills that get you to one place on the corporate ladder are not necessarily the skills required at the next level.

      This is not the time for "on-the-job training." If Provectus is going to fulfill its destiny as a medical breakthrough and an engine of financial growth it would be wise to bring in top leadership talent, experienced in navigating choppy waters and moving a fledgling company to the next stage, even if that stage is simply acquisition.

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      • I can and will agree with your frustrations....however Mgt was limited by what they could say...their hands were it or not.

        A new dedicated pr firm....worlds best if you were to imagine...could not stop what happened.
        Take for instance the subdued and cryptic pr on the minutes.
        Why was it done so? A third grader could do a better job...."FDA SAY GOOD!" was done so as a minimal FDA passable statement in the middle of FDA stuff.
        More is going on....the minimum they could say was like a Charlie Brown cartoon.....mah ma ma mah ma mah ma BTD Pathway mah mah mah. FDA probably said ok you can say that for now.
        They are mining data from 28 patients for BTD.......28 patients? Really? They don't do #$%$. without asking the FDA. No.....something bigger this way comes.

        This is my observation.

      • I could not agree with you more summm baddeee...Dees got us this far, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL GUNand get us out of this SP mess. They did a fantastic job with the science, but Wall Street is a totally different animal. It would be a great PR if PVCT hires XYZ to consider options for Wall Street listing or the would have been cheaper if they did it but that in the long run, as you can see cost us more
        We can only come next week Traders like flies will be on us and they know they have at least months before anything with the FDA comes out so why not play with the SP and while all the good faithful longs hope and pray with their shares, others will continue to make more$$$ on us.geezzz

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