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  • diodia2000 diodia2000 May 22, 2014 6:07 PM Flag

    if there is no news or BTD denial by tomorrow's market open

    I believe that tomorrow we will get PumpStopper's part 2 from SeekingAlpha with his take on the clinical side of things. It will be centered on the bogus nonsense about "retrospective" and "subgroup analysis" that AF was tweeting days ago and which RE has been faithfully repeating on this board. This article will be backed up by an article by AF on theStreet "wondering" about all the "issues" and urging investors to avoid PVCT. So brace yourselves; tomorrow could be a day of fear. I bought more shares today under $2 but I am saving dry powder for low bids tomorrow if events unfold in a way that gives AF and his allies the opportunity to terrify investors. Diodia

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    • I was hoping that BTD would be announced today, but with yesterday's announcement that the FDA has not given its decision as of yet I would not expect any information about BTD until about Wednesday. It is undoubtedly forthcoming, but there will likely be a little bit of time between PVCT receiving the decision and their releasing a PR about it. Receiving official word tomorrow may not be revealed before Monday anyway. Let's also bear in mind that the 60 day time frame is what one can reasonable expect; it is NOT a hard deadline for the FDA. They (FDA) are the ones who decide when they will say what; period.

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      • I agree completely, but PumpStopper and AF will be singing a different song about what it all means, e.g. doom for PVCT, and will lay out their certainty that this proves PV-10 is worthless and unapprovable due to subgroups, retrospectiveness, and "obsolescence" and suchlike goofiness. I expect many investors to be baffled by the BS given the deference that I have seen given to RE's nonsense. Evidently polysyllabic words hypnotize some people. I would really like PVCT to announce BTD tomorrow morning, but if it doesn't I am ready to buy. Diodia

    • - If the FDA response is no, I'll look to add shares in the $1 area on the panic sell off. Not getting BTD doesn't change the results shown using pv-10, only the time frame, and the financing needs.
      - If there is no response either way tomorrow, I'll probably look to at shares on a Bear raid at around $1.50.
      - If the response is YES. WOOHOOO. I'll do the happy dance. And probably sell a few shares into the run-up. Don't hate me for saying it. I won't sell more than a third of my shares. I said before, I'm cautious. And I'd expect the excitement to cause a price spike even beyond where the price should go. The market over-reacts. It just does, IMO.

      I'm an investor mainly, but I trade around a core position. It allows me to take some profits when things go right, and lower my cost per share when they don't. I trade the same way on all stocks, and I never short.

      I sold some shares at $3.20. I bought them back, plus a few more, at $2.42 yesterday and $1.90 today.ay

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      • I am in the same camp as you and diodia. It was gard to sell with that excitement, but I did.

        I would argue that selling some shares releases some of the pent up energy and decreases the momentum that offers the shorters such a ripe target. It also provides dry powder to buy back shares in times like this. Don't ever apologize for a buy low, sell high strategy. It provides liquidity and stability to the market as well as being quite profitable in a very volatile stock like this. Just make sure you have some shares left for the end game.

      • Eddie, accept defeat and stop talking such stupid schidt. If you add on you might as well just join a cult, drink the kool-aid and get it over with.

      • eddie, I am on exactly the same page as you although I did not do as good a job as you did with the run up. I sold at $2.65 and $3.40, and bought back from $2.50 all the way down to $1.76, so I admire your trading. Some attacked me for selling, but I think we did the prudent thing.

        If BTD were to be approved tomorrow, there would be a spike not only due to excitement but also to the short interest. It is impossible to borrow shares to short on Fidelity, so there would be an insane short squeeze. I originally thought PVCT would not get BTD without a bridging study, but then Clovis changed my mind, and tonight I do not know what I think. But I feel we can take advantage either way. Diodia

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