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  • unknowninvestor201 unknowninvestor201 May 23, 2014 8:27 PM Flag

    If they have a drug that works then why would this be a pump and dump?

    The halt today was because of the news that came out, which turned out to be a denial of a breakthrough therapy designation for the drug, PV-10. Now it appears that Provectus Biopharmaceuticals did not follow the common path for approval, which includes a Phase III study. According to different sources on the net that I have looked at that Phase II study showed to be promising in relation to PV-10's effectiveness. However, despite the fact that PV-10 may in fact work, Provectus appears to have attempted to skip a commonly taken step in this process. Provectus needs to prove to the world that PV-10 works (if that Moffitt study was in fact right) and figure out a way to make that Phase III study happen. Now one thing I will say about the now three investigations were looking at into PVCT is that they are all based off of that Seeking Alpha Article. I'm not going to point fingers because I am new to this but it is disclosed that the author was in fact short on PVCT....just saying the investigations that were seeing here are openly based off an article that was written by a guy who was short on this stock. Now finances aside, think about what this drug could do for humanity if it's the real deal. Treating tumors without affecting the healthy living tissue around those tumors in a negative way, that would be incredible. Let's keep our fingers crossed here and hope that everything works out for PV-10, for the investors involved here, and more importantly, for humanity.

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    • You put it exactly right. Nice post. The author of that article DID say he was short at the beginning of the article.I hope we find some law firm to sue Seeking Alpha.

    • And by the way, finances aside, think of what all the hundreds of millions of dollars that are about to get wiped out because of this scam could have done if properly invested to alleviate the human condition on planet earth instead of being scammed by 4 snake oil salesmen in a shack in Tennesse and lets not forget all the actual damage the promise of this wonder drug will create when people who were led to believe it was real wind up getting wiped out of their hard earned savings and their families future is and their children's college funds are decimated. Wake up.

    • if they had a drug that worked why would the FDA deny it? If they had a drug that worked why wouldn't they have invested in a Phase III clinical trial 2 years ago, proving the drug works, creating tens of billions in investor value and saving the world?

    • You are correct that there is a lot of data showing that PV-10 is effective. The allegations made in the SeekingAlpha article were all false. The PVCT patents are not about to expire and the company never used stock pumping services or newsletters. It is all a pack of lies. Getting a BTD denial is not a big deal and happens all the time.

      The real problem is Adam Feuerstein, Nate Michaud's chat room, and PumpStopper at SeekingAlpha, and they are a huge problem. They will be stomping all over the stock on Monday, and there will be another article on SeekingAlpha saying that PVCT s worthless and going to zero. The stock is going to get crushed.

      I listened to the Conference Call and reviewed the data one more time, and I think if you have a very strong stomach and are willing to be quite patient, you can invest on Tuesday, probably around $1 or below. I feel that in the end it will be approved. But that may be after a Phase 3 trial and a secondary to pay for it! Diodia

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      • They never used stock pumping services? How many people like me were introduced to this stock by a 'close friend' who out of the blue contacted them and told them they invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into this company and they are friends of "Pete Cumpepper" and have had dinner with the CEO and this is for sure getting approved and their is a China deal imminent and oh by the way "how many people did you put in this stock"? This is pumping...I am really tempted to go to the authorities with information I have and emails and everything but I was not dumb enough to buy into this scam.

      • Oh, please spare me the BS. You sound just like one of the sham people in the steel barn in Knoxville. The Seeking Alpha article was one the the most thorough and best written in years. It deconstructs everything from the CEO to the lead Dr. who ran Vical into the ground and few others. The hiding behind paid for promo cos that pump sht like this and have a consistent magnificent track record of raking in millions for themselves (and in this case the FOUR employees, did you hear me idiot FOUR employees of this company, that literally no hyperbole runs its operations next to a dry cleaner or hair shop in a steel barn that was on the article as well. They have nothing that cannot be purchased for 25.00 and change, essentially red dye 105. There is nothing here but snake oil and a track record of everyone involved of running similar scam operations. Please others out there wake the f up, you are literally being sold snake oil

    • Did you miss the part that Phase two was back in 2010 and these guys could have been doing what the FDA has suggested(Phase 3) for the last 3 or 4 years now.....I guess that's the part people are having a problem wrapping their heads around. Ya things looked great on 3 or 4 year old results that have been used over and over....

    • regulatoryexpert May 23, 2014 8:29 PM Flag

      Are you setting up another story platform to prolong the scam???

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