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  • HGHLORY HGHLORY Jul 11, 2007 12:15 PM Flag


    Does anyone know why the sudden drastic drop?

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    • Well it's obvious I would say. All stocks are getting clobbered but especially the financial group. SWS could stem some of this as it pertains to them if they would offer some public reassurance that they are not exposed to the need to write down assets. Management sometimes doesn't have any interest in supporting the stock if they are buying back shares. Is this the case with SWS? I don't know if they have a buyback program in place. One poster on this board suggest that SWS is losing the profitable customers from it's market making operations. I wouldn't take comments like that as being accurate just because someone post them. My guess is that buying SWS at these levels will be a profitable trade but there are a lot of opportunities now. The fact that there are so many stocks offering attractive prices also puts pressure on SWS. WW

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      • I have had SWS stock for years. The stock tracks the market, so while I take no comfort in the down side just now, I also recognize that the market will settle down and recover.
        The stock is a solid good one; not a short term whiz. Steady and dependable unless the entire economy goes into the pot.
        James A. Glasscock
        Longdrycreek Ranch, Texas Panhandle

      • It was as stated their clearing operations. they have been out of market making for two years lets be accurate. and check their clearing customer count to date from counts made from prior statements. They are losing some big accounts which is stated on sites that announce clearing firm switches for correspondents.----

    • It's simple...stock is garbage. They had their day and now it is over. Many got burnt here holding too long. Thousands of better deals out there.