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  • ezveezee ezveezee Mar 21, 2011 8:52 AM Flag

    What will the crooks do?

    SWS getting $100 mil infusion but gives the investors a chance to short it to $5.75 and below.

    May be they will short when this hits $8 or above. Doing it now is not worthwhile.

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    • If we get hit today, I will add to my position.
      BV 11.41.
      Even if some assets are impaired, cash infusion will give SWS time to manage assets without having to unload at firesale prices.
      I think this deal was in the works for a while.

      Buyout offer forced them to finalize quickly.

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      • It is such a relief to see the $100M infusion. I concur with lou62m that SWS now does not have to sell assets rapidly at huge discount which I have feared.

        The dilution is not that bad. If they exercised the warrants today, the book value per share is still over $9 if my calculation is correct. If everything is back to normal, the share price should be above the book value. Of course, the book value can go down or go up. Now I am even more convinced SWS is undervalued.