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  • JustTheFactz JustTheFactz Apr 30, 1999 10:57 AM Flag

    $50 is now a support level - EOM

    and I don't care ... it will be tomorrow's low.
    I'm just sitting here accumulating for the long term.
    I did a thorough analysis of SWS's volume (thanks
    for the volume web site post), and they have great
    growth rates ... especially if you include the longer
    trading hours. I give a year before we have 12-hour
    continuous trading (if not 24). Also, unlike NITE who is #1,
    SWS has a great deal of market share to gain. The
    skies the limit, and their new CSS system may be the
    first step in moving their volume from 69mil to 1bil.
    Great growth potential, great company! $50 is dirt
    cheap, and I'm leveraging as much money to get in now!