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  • kisweb kisweb May 19, 1999 10:06 AM Flag

    Key West -Calculation Correction

    Your SWS summary was excellent; however, the
    value of NITE per share (based on $72) is approx $23
    per share or $245 mil. Thus assuming SWS at $72, the
    remainder of the co. is valued at $49 with a p/e of 22.
    Still does not change the conclusion!

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    • is this like your last losing predition like silk

    • Enjoying the SWS ride from the 20�, and some days
      ago I bought into ARTM. Check it out quick, strong
      upward momentum, real earnings, just being to be
      discovered (like my recommendation ITG some days ago,
      already up 30 %!). ARTM is trading at 1 1/8, can move
      into double digits soon.

    • I have the same problem like Al. I use AOL most
      of the time. I can't post at clubsws. I can read all
      the posts. I usually post at Ragingbull board.
      Ragingbull has even better arrangement than clubsws. It
      sometimes act funny. Most of the time it is a good place to
      discuss stocks without the irrataing messages.

    • Sorry, I have a day time job which I'm enjoying.
      Anyway, don't pay too much to daily price action. That'll
      cause you gut/sleep/hair.

      If we are not assure a
      big fish (or several institutes) is after SWS on last
      Thursday and Friday, today's price and market action
      should prove all that.

      you guys could have imaged
      what a SWS's price jump if we had a positive


    • Pls. come on over. We need your inputs as well as we have some info to share. Hope to see you there

    • Keep Trying to get in, AOL should not be the problem. We have over 30 members in just 6 hours and going strong. Would really like to have you as an additional founder

    • suggesting SWS. It's a double so far for me.
      Nothing off the table yet. The more DD I do, the more I
      like this company. It's so diversified - in one fell
      swoop I filled out the financial services part of my
      portfolio. What's interesting is that with SWS and SFE both,
      the Internet came to me, as much as I was studiously
      avoiding net stocks. But I think it is very telling- the
      internet comes to all companies these days or they are
      history. The beauty of SWS and SFE is they still represent
      real value and real earnings.. I've been tempted to
      buy or sell calls with both SWS and SFE, but I'm new
      to that game and just starting to understand their
      potential for actually containing risk rather than
      increasing it. The SI SFE thread has reently had some great
      posts about using calls.

      Re: "house money" -
      well, I guess I'm still too old-fashioned. My parents
      were real Depression era folks and I suppose it rubbed
      off on me. Money's not really yours unless you "earn"
      it with hard work sort of philosophy.

      other picks. My latest is NOK. Superb franchise in
      another timely explosively growing sector - global
      wireless com. They will ride the coming wireless internet
      boom. People accessing theirSWS mydiscountbroker
      accounts with their cell phones wherever, whenever, on Mt
      Rainier, etc.This company is like KO in its prime, only
      sexy cell phones instead of sexy Coke bottles. Plus
      state of the art wireless systems, great vision, and
      some of the best management I've ever researched.
      Check it out. It's been flat last three months -
      basing, consolidating - not cheap, but still excellent
      value - something Buffet might like if he could see
      beyond insurance, newspapers, pop,and candy.

    • History repeats…

      And you have to
      take advantage of it. Over 3,000 stocks are analyzed,
      but only 2 or 3 are chosen
      daily that meet
      standards to show a potential of 25% or more. Strict
      criteria and a disciplined
      trading method can minimize
      losses and maximize gains. The track record speaks for
      itself! FOR

    • I spammed JWG here when it was at 7. They had
      300,000 shares (pre-split) and sold all but 60,000 of
      them in the low thirties. Ouch. You wealthy SWS
      cowpokes might want to throw a little pocket change at
      JMCGC. Micro-cap financial services co trading at 1 1/8.
      (book value just over 1) They have a million bucks
      invested in privately held optimark, whoose new trading
      system will be adopted by NASDAQ later in the year.
      Optimark will get a couple cents or so for every share
      traded. (lot's of links on the message board to articles
      on the co.) When Optimark goes public it will be a
      hottttttttt ipo. Might be a good way to play it and not a lot
      of downside as JMCGC also has around 75 cents per
      share in cash.

    • well im one ,just kiddin ,u said u wanted some funs

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