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  • gosearchmaster gosearchmaster May 19, 1999 4:19 PM Flag

    Message Board posting helped alot, I

    did alot everywhere this morning and the last few days. I posted just yhe facts.

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    • Anything can happen. Will it happen ? May be. May
      be not. Why the must part ? If SWS goes down $10,
      big deal, most of us got in at much lower level. Some
      of us took great amount of profit along the way. We
      can sleep with no problem. If it goes down 10
      tomorrow, it can come back and go up 10. No sweat. How
      about you ? Do you have to meet margin call ? What if
      all your bullets re spent ? Do you have a bank behind
      you ?

      For you, it must go down 10. For us
      long, it does not matter. My shares are safe. No one is
      going after me to meet the margin call. For those who
      bought high and on margin, the worst is to sell the
      stock and still can get half the money back. For you,
      you may get nothing, zilch, zero back. Are you
      scaried. Don't play this game, if you are not well

    • If you are making an argument for daily price
      movements fine, I have no interest in that.

      If you
      are trying to make an argument concerning SWS long
      term value (1-5 years) then please at least attempt to
      provide a sound argument to support your position. I feel
      as though I have wasted my time reading numerous
      posts by you that have not presented one single piece
      of fundamental argument that SWS is overvalues. Your
      statement that SWS is the same as JBOH when it was at 22
      leads me to believe you do not know SWS well.

      you are trying to make a buck as a short on a few day
      play, fine. I have no problem with that, just say so.
      If you are trying to argue that SWS is fundamentally
      overvalued then your comments have been completely worthless
      so far as you have presented no argument. I look
      forward to your response.

    • javathis - Add to your short position tomorrow.
      Watch and see what happens to the sheep, the pimps, the
      prostitutes, the free-loaders, those who believe in easy
      money...honestjerkoff, alshit, and others.

    • That's what this stock certificate is good for tomorrow...

      Birdy you should listen to the BudMan. He is wise. You are going to get your little neck snapped playing with the cat like that.

    • Tomorrow it will be in the 70s.

      Bud what do you think. Could this puppy go down 10 or more tomorrow.

      All my research tell me it can. It will. It must.

    • birdzie - "They keep ranting and raving about the
      stock price going down without any reason other than it
      went up."

      birdzie, you are starting to catch
      on. Sell while you can. Stocks not only zig, but they
      zag as well. This is your wake-up call birdzei. sws
      is long overdue for a retracement. Shorts will be
      running the show from here on in. Run for cover, wimp.

    • close the gates, man your post, hide the woman and children.
      Oh, what are we so worried about their to Short to climb the


    • in the high 80's today..I doubt they will be selling their shares to you!! Keep hoping though!

    • My God are they sick! They keep ranting and
      raving about the stock price going down without any
      reason other than it went up. These idiots aren't worth
      our breath. They are definetely in need of
      physcological help.


    •'re going to need to be well rested
      tomorrow and have your wits about you. Sell, and you will
      live, hold, and the shorts will eat your lunch
      somewhere far below where you bought. Trees don't grow to
      the sky. Your party is over. You better recover from
      your orgy and put your pants back on before you get
      your asses kicked. Sell at the bell.

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