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  • postbusters postbusters Feb 7, 2013 12:12 PM Flag

    There SHOULD be an investigation

    I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but for two days in a row HZNP spiked up and then news came out the next day. Whomever was doing that trading obviously knew news was coming out, although they probably didn't know the exact nature of it. With the poor trading action in this stock lately, it is extremely highly unlikely that such spikes the day prior to news were coincidence. Someone with an inside view (at least on press releasing) is trading the stock and SEC should look into it.

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    • There should be an investigation to all these idiot pumpers who make statements like $4.50 by end of Jan 2013.

    • THere are the same exact complaints with thousands and thousands of other stocks. It's just the way it is. The SEC will never have the manpower for these investigations. We are playing in their sandbox, not the other way around. Follow the money and you can make money with them. Complaining about it wil accomplish nothing bacause nothing will ever change.

      Imo the patent news was not news. Stocks don't run everytime a company is issued a patent...especially a patent on a drug that is failing miserably. Te company announced another patent yesterday (on Rayos, the only hope this company has left) and the stock sold off. That just reinforces my opinion that the two day run had nothing to do with the patent news and more to do with we were due for a technical bounce as the stock was in oversold territory.

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      • Agreed, on all points. Additionally, pending patent allowances and the administrative target dates for their issuance are not exactly considered "close hold" by the USPTO - it would be inordinately difficult (not to say ridiculous) to try to investigate or prosecute someone for trading on information which is readily accessible by the public in any case.

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      • Hmmm maven, I'll give you a thumbs up on that one. So I'm curious, do you see Rayos becoming a successful drug in the marketplace? I mean, you can't believe docs are going to look at the Phase 3 data (vs placebo) and think this any better than sending someone to bed with a generic anti-inflammatory (delayed release or otherwise) and then expecting them to feel less stiffness in the morning versus taking nothing (i.e. placebo). They could have designed the trial to go head-to-head with regular old prednisone, but they didn't - which means they were more concerned with building up a marketing angle than demonstrating that Rayos is a superior treatment to a regular old anti-inflammatory (even an NSAID) taken before sleepy time.

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    • I simply think market awaits for earnings.
      Sales report, nothing more.
      @8$ (half bilion in Mcap) it was overvalued.

      @2.3 (140 MIL$) it's undervalued.

      You Still must think this is a Company with no net profits.
      Nevertheless: Good sales report + projections + positive sentiment by the almighty market, could take this stock @300/400 Mil$........ more than +100% from here.

      Very likely, if we think no diluition for at least 12/18 months.


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      • I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly, but don't see the connection to the point I am making. Two days in a row the stock spiked, and news came out the next day. This can't be a coincidence and someone on the inside is trading on knowledge that a press release is coming out (in advance of the public's knowledge of such).

        As to the prospects for HZNP's future - I'm as big a fan as ever and have seen nothing to dampen my enthusiasm for the long term prospects of the company (although TW and management have shown themselves to be amateurish on several issues, such as not anticipating substitutions of Duexis prescriptions by "profit motivated" pharms).

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