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  • moaamar1778 moaamar1778 Apr 3, 2013 2:43 PM Flag

    I capitulated

    Sold all position at a great loss today. Hope to catch it again under 1.90 .... I was wrong about this runup! The manipulation is to much for me at the moment

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    • I get where you're coming from - been trading this one for awhile and it does get occasionally... frustrating. I still think we're in a broad "up" channel and absent anything really weird I doubt that you're going to hit that $1.90 target real soon - of course, if you do I'll be backing the truck up again right beside you.

      Might I ask: what other names are so interesting that you're liquidating your position here? I'm making the assumption here that you wouldn't be closing this one out without another sandbox to play in. I just closed a small position in NVIV this morning - they got HUD designation this morning for their spinal cord injury device.

      Anyway, I look forward to seeing your posts here again soon. Happy hunting.

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      • Hi Mike,
        About NVIV, did you hold it very long ? Just curious ,I mentioned it to you a couple days ago. Very cool they got their HUD today. What are your guesses about IDE , will they get approval. Any opinion when? Sorry to all for change of subject away from HZNP to NVIV but I can't resist.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Hznp is my only play at the moment. Im sitting on cash now, trying to avaluat where pps is going from here. I had an amazing win with affy and clsn, selling out just before the meltdown, and and that got me thinking that maybe lady luck will not be so good to me in the future like it has been. Now im not saying that hznp is the next affy or clsn, on the opposite- I see great future for the pps, but after being so sure that pps is going to 3.5+ , this dip made me less confident with my short term outlook here. I will sure by all my position again. Maybe at 1.90 and maybe at 3.05 but for now I am out

    • Poor baby. I feel so good when I hear despair. We need more of people like you.

    • So we had to listen to your up and down rants for nothing? Dude, stay out of the mkt's. You have emotional issues.

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      • Barney. .. how are those "how to use a Web browser" lessons going for you? Someone with emotional issues is a guy that is so lacking self confidence that he has to attack the personality of the other person instead of giving a material response.

        And now to the more important issue- I am buying and selling hznp for over a year now. When I informed the board about me selling all position, I also wrote my new target price for buying back in again. This has nothing to do with emotional trading or emotional issues, only with trying to use the current trend in order to make more money or in that case trying not to lose more money. Since I advised members of the mb several times not to sell I felt obligated to share my new decision. I will sure buy in again at a lower pps or if there is a major breakout. And that is all my not a friend.

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