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  • jdooed jdooed Dec 2, 2013 9:28 AM Flag

    Hope this time is different

    Looks eerily similar to June/July 2012 where I lost my expensive shirt.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • If you held your shares then you'd likely be about even now or ahead (what price did you buy at?). I initially bought at $4.50 to $4.75 and then added all the way down to $2.25.

      Not much solace, but Puff (my name for Chimera Groups lead hack, who wrote the article that triggered debt fears), was crushed during the current run. He had the audacity to put out another short article on the same day that earnings came out, and was self-admittedly heavily shorted both in stocks and options. My communications with him confirmed his "taking a bath." While I usually bear no malice to any human being, what Puff did (and tried to do again) was lie, distort truth and fear monger in order to make a trading gain, and many (like yourself) were hurt needlessly tor his trading gain.

      While the shorts are still out there (self-admitted if you read the filing for the $150M convertible), the company has cleared all baffles (what we on submarines call looking at the blind spot areas before coming to the surface - check out Commander Scott Waddle (whom I know personally) and USS Greenville to see what happens when you don't). HZNP is a far different company now, with real sales, cash in the bank, 3 products selling (not just for sale), patent issues (mostly) resolved, and profitability in sight.

      Good time of year to drop a hint to somebody that you could use a shirt, but think you'd be better off with a gift certificate (as I'd rather pick my own shirts - and stocks). Happy Holidays and may HZNP be good to us all (longs anyway).

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