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  • zapmaster_the_kinq zapmaster_the_kinq Mar 21, 2014 2:16 PM Flag

    Vidara owner paid only $55 m for Actimmune

    It was sold to HZNP for $660 m after riding it for a while and profiting.
    That is 12 times original price. That is called buying low and selling high.
    I really want to know Viagra owner, he must be a very shrewd investor.
    The problem with Act immune is that only covers limited people and growth is very limited or none. It is not like V drug to put more reps at it to push the sale higher.
    I am puzzled by this move. It seems that HZNP was under pressure to do something when PPS jumped high.
    Well, TW score is 1-1 now. One win (previous acquisition) and one big loss.
    No analyst raised the price after this merger. What scare me is the income after this deal is done.
    HZNP faces
    1- huge dilution
    2- huge debt and interest payment
    3- huge R&D expenses with new Vidara group

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    • just a hunch...will rogers never met you, did he?

    • Ok. I want to wrap it up for you.
      First, you said that a lot of english and math mistakes in Horizon 8-k and need proof reading. But, your statement is also need some proof reading. == 'I wondering if .... ' supposed to be 'I wonder if ...' or you can use 'I was wondering if ...'.

      Second, you said 'Viagra owner'. This is suppose to be 'Vidara's owner'.

      Third, no analyst raised price after this merger. Are you blind? On March 20, Piper Jaffray increased price target to $24 from $21. On March 20, JMP Securities increased the price target to $22 from $18. Nasdaq showed price target of $21. Even in yahoo, the 1 year price target change to $18.75 from $18.

      Fourth, Vidara has 2 pipelines. One is in phase 2 (estimate of completion is June 2014) and the other one is in phase 1. I believe these pipelines haven't been factored in the recent upgrades and I expect more upgrades coming soon.

      Fifth, by this acquisition, Horizon will have a tax benefit for forseable future which I believe everyone knows it already.

      Welcome to my ignore list!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It's because you are unintelligent. One day I will explain the deal. For the time being I am ROFLMAO thinking at you we are in $h.t.

      Long and strong HZNP

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Increase your short then and profit by your wisdom. You are scared about the income after this deal is done? As a short, you should be scared, as the price continues to accelerate north of your short sale price.

    • That's about as idiotic a collection of nonsense as I have ever seen.

      First of all, well-positioned orphan drugs are a virtual goldmine. They have a large amount of price elasticity, and if (as this one is) they address an under-diagnosed ailment and show potential for label expansion (organic growth in both cases) the potential returns once the drug is right-priced and properly promoted are nothing short of phenomenal.

      Second, if the product's sales did not grow at all, the price of this acquisition will amortize very quickly. If you knew the first thing about acquisition you would know that this was a good deal, projected to be immediately accretive.

      Last, the price hasn't "jumped" (you really should learn to read a chart) - it appreciated based on growing sales, captured economies and an expanded product line. Tim wasn't "under pressure" to do a thing. The company was already one of the strongest growth stories of 2013, with valuations that still have not caught up with Vimovo.

      So, we are under no risk of dilution, have a solid cash reserve, a more than manageable debt structure and actually (since the R&D expenses for label expansion are much lower than in the case of new drug development and much of the pre-clinical work has already been done) this entry into R&D is pretty cost-effective as such things go.

      Oh, and Viagra? That was developed in house as a run-of-the-mill blood pressure medication. Had it not been for the woodie "side-effect" driving label expansion it's likely that nobody would know what it is.

    • So they had no other costs?

      I am betting you never ran a company.

    • if you read your comment, you said "viagra owner".

      perhaps you take some of that and go enjoy w/ your partner - pick a gender..

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