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  • svinters svinters Mar 22, 2014 12:15 AM Flag

    Too much of a headache getting pharmacies to stock duexis and vimovo


    As a physician Duexis and Vimovo are a pain in the %#*'to write for.....all go!to need of prior authorizations. , arguing with insurance companies,on the phone, ...and patient having to wait several days to get the meds. Going to see this stock tumble when all the bs clears. Meloxicam is a much better choice...easy on the GI. only one pill per day time released.

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    • Svinters,
      I believe that you're a physician (podiatrist with 18 years of experience by now and has practice in the Gulf Coast area) and has an interest in stocks like GSAT (mobile communication stock), RFMK (marijuana stock), and NEST (stock ticker that mistakenly identified with Google buy on the real NEST).

      Why you called HZNP news is bs? You said it yourself that "you're NOT saying Duexis or Vimovo should have no place on a prescription pad". If you like to prescribe Meloxicam to your patients, then go ahead. No one here is saying that you must prescribe Duexis and Vimovo to your patients if it is really a pain for you.

      Just imagine this way. You are not the only podiatrist practice in your area. The patients will have their own preference to use your expertise or some other podiatrists. Your statement above is a matter of one individual preference. It's that simple. We really don't need to know your preference in prescribing the medicine to your patients.

      I like HZNP because the growth story of this company (wish I found it sooner). If you still like to short this stock, then go ahead.

      Btw, of course there will be down days for HZNP. It will be crazy to see a stock that keeps going up and not having some down days. If you can time it well, you might gain a little bit from your short or day trading. But, you will lose if you short HZNP for long term.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Nice detective work, Suted! If you found out this poster is indeed a podiatrist then I suppose he has some sort of medical degree. Spending time denigrating an equity on a Yahoo MB is certainly an odd way to spend one's time. From this fellow's misuse of the written word, I'm surprised he is a doctor, but also he doesn't seem to be aware that Mobic has significant GI side effects and in some cases causes renal failure in some users. As a means of comparing HZNP's products I looked into Boehringer Ingelheim's development of Meloxicam and found that these problems emerged during clinical testing. I believe there are boxed label warnings to this effect, but would need to check to confirm.

      • There is not much of growth and one or two of analysts are blowing air to push estimates high.
        The new drug actimmune only adds $15 m per quarter of gross revenue, subtract expenses of new company (sale and R&D) I don't think if the income will be positive.

    • Now I know we've "made it" - we have our first "Fake MD Basher".

      About Meloxicam: Meloxicam use can result in gastrointestinal toxicity and bleeding, tinnitus, blinding headaches, rash, and very dark or black stool (a sign of intestinal bleeding). While it does have fewer side effects than some other NSAIDs, it's side effects include those which Duexis and Vimovo were specifically designed to prevent.

      Meloxicam is also used in Veterinary Medicine, principally for dogs and cats, however feline use in the US was promoted (illegally by the manufacturer) resulted in cases of renal failure in cats, leading to death. The big advantage that is demonstrated by Meloxicam is reduction in thromboembolic events, but the studies that demonstrated this were limited to a 60 day course of treatment and DID NOT demonstrate superiority in this area over naproxen or Ibuprofen (the active NSAIDs in Vimovo and Duexis, respectively).

      In other words, Meloxicam is not "easy on the stomach"; it is easier on the liver and pancreas than some NSAIDs, and acts less as a blood-thinner - but it has NO advantage on these two NSAIDs (naproxen and Ibuprofen). Guess you skipped those pesky Med School Anatomy classes....

      About expense: Two words "co-pay support" - there is a very low expense to the patient for these drugs. About Insurance coverage: The drugs are appropriately tiered and are part of the formulary.
      About PME: The process results in more patients getting the drugs that they were actually prescribed than some combination of generics that could very well kill them - or their cat.

      Close, but no cigar.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • if you are an MD, I am a ballet dancer........your writing and grammar are at a high school level..

    • It seems unlikely that you're an M.D. since you seem unfamiliar with the medical literature on BI's Meloxicam and its side effects including serious GI problems.

      • 1 Reply to fitzdad55
      • Mobic or it's generic version Meloxicam is a selective cox2 inhibitor and convenient once per day dosing. Do you really want to rely on your patients taking naprosyn or ibuprofen 2 to 3 times a day for the same efficacy? The comparison studies on hznp's meds are from company supported research for the most part. Most studies they use to dismiss GI safety of Mobic are plucked,from European studies with few patient sampling. I find European studies to be taken with a grain of salt!

    • You are maybe a highschool graduate at best, a dr in your own mind only.

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