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  • therealtyagent therealtyagent Aug 4, 2006 12:33 PM Flag

    all interest income

    O.K... take away the 1.7 million in interest income and what did they make? Zip. Zilch. Nada.

    As for your other contention on valuation, IAC has a PE of 10.71 which is about as close to MOVE as your gonna get.

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    • oh okay brainiac let,s take away the 3 million in stock option grants and what did they make? The company will manage itself according to its ability to achieve its goals. Using your pathetic attempt to oddly justify that the company did not kick ass yesterday is twisted.

      Move will use all revenue sources be they from sales, interest, one time events etc to run their business. All major companies have sources of income from interest and investements that contribute to thier overall performance, it is solid management. As far as I am concerned the extra coin is going into ramping up the data center implementation, if you didn,t know IBM and AMD were selected by MOVE. This will likely dramatically cut costs in this area once it is completed in Q4.

      So if you are going to try the theorectical "what if they did not have the interest" schtick I can easily say they would not have given as large of stock option grants as they did, nor would they have carried out other initiatives that could have been implemented at a later date and they would have shown the same profitability as they did yesterday.

      Also I can play the game and point out that REALTOR.coms growth would have been 27% without the sucking sound of the Rentals division. Pretty killer growth but hey what if Rentals got their upgrades sooner?! A waste of time dude just like your interest argument.

      Try posting something solid. MOVE posted growth and solid growth, they beat all consensus numbers and is a great advertising space play and remain the only serious play in the Real Estate segement. Another company in the business have recanted their guidances while MOVE solidly reaffirmed their guidance yesterday.

      Just suck it up sucker.

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