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  • born2win_2000 born2win_2000 Aug 11, 2006 4:55 AM Flag

    So Mr. Long, we're paying you $1M......

    the homestore brand is still scattered abouts, this tells me their technology sucks

    !*%$# amateurs!

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    • That Phoenix site is a good example of Move's mid-level business decision makers running off in various different scattered directions.

      However, a scattered brand doesn't say much about the technology being good or bad, just about the business's disorganized decisions on using its technology.

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      • endtable - thanks for your thoughful reply

        let me clarify why i think move's technology sucks. normally, well built web sites are based on dynamic content, so you make one change to the company log/name and all the web pages should efficiently reflect the change. the fact that the phoenix web site still reflects homestore tells me its likely static content.

        i am trader and not a web technology expert, so I may be wrong, but I doubt it. the fact that move execs boasted in the 2Q quarterly call that they have successfully re-branded from homestore to move tells me they are running a flop house and cant execute the simplest of tasks.

        maybe the executive private jet isnt equipped with internet access so they cant check their employee's work?

    • those that lose money and those that make money

      i was a loser at trading for most of mine career which is/was painful

      last night a hooker at 4am tried to stab me, then i realized having too much money like having too little, brings trouble

      my pistol is still in one piece and life is good now