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  • knowledgeispower4567890 knowledgeispower4567890 Aug 24, 2006 9:34 PM Flag

    Clear market leader...

    Bargain right now at this price.

    Will prevail big time as all cylinders start firing.

    Ignore sourpus loser agents who can't afford to buy ads. They should try convincing clients to close on something rather than slamming the indutry's #1 web supplier.

    Tough love my agent bretheren, but it has to be said. Now you have a choice, unleash your smack talk (which is so old and tired) in a huffy puffy reply or -- go sell a home!

    The first leaves you seething with anger, the second feels great. Trust me, sold two today!


    A genuine lover

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    • Nice try.

      Agents dropping like flies, agents refusing to pay major price increases, reliance on and decrease of mls's providing data, comingling of information on of builder inventory & rentals info not benefiting Realtors, competition and options available to agents, and no profit from the business because management keeps skimming.

      The numbers don't add up.

      I don't believe for a second that you're in the real estate business.. otherwise you'd know better...tribe.