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  • therealtyagent therealtyagent Aug 25, 2006 8:30 AM Flag

    Clear market leader...

    Nice try.

    Agents dropping like flies, agents refusing to pay major price increases, reliance on and decrease of mls's providing data, comingling of information on of builder inventory & rentals info not benefiting Realtors, competition and options available to agents, and no profit from the business because management keeps skimming.

    The numbers don't add up.

    I don't believe for a second that you're in the real estate business.. otherwise you'd know better...tribe.

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    • A note to the Board Clown (therealtyagent)

      If i am going to list my home - then I want the exposure of the MLS system (its a proven system and thats why I pay high fees to brokers)

      You don't want to be a part of NAR then you won't get my listing. Its that simple.

      Do yourself & your family a favor and get a job. I don't think Yahoos Messege board can put food on the table.

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      • Note to Rich...

        Call me a clown if you want... but I know more about this business and the way things really work then anyone on here.

        It's not a matter of getting your listing into the MLS... that's a given and it doesn't cost an agent anything extra to do that. gets data AT THE DISCRETION and AT THE PRIVLIGE of agents.

        They get this data from various MLS's around the country that aggregate the information supplied by AGENTS. Agents don't want to pay a company for advertising, that is supposed to be supporting them, when they are supplying the very data that allows that company to exist: capiche?

        MOVE will get the top agents spending on enhanced ads... and maybe some middle-range agents spending.. but that leaves 75-80% not spending, regardless of you take. Don't take my word for it...pick up the phone and call any agency anywhere - you choose - and get their opinion.

        Nuf said.