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  • cranberryboy19 cranberryboy19 Nov 18, 2011 1:55 PM Flag

    time to cover. likes to run late in the race.

    will go back to 170's-1.80's when home building stocks bounce back. follow some of the home building stocks. all down this week. they may jump up a bit to end this tough week.

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    • Well since we are now past the rev split, lets hope we never see 1.80 again, although I presently have no position so I guess it wouldnt matter to me. As another poster said, the message board is dead, sometimes the volume is very low up till noon, then finishes the day with 600k. It seems there are certain institutions trading it between themselves and very little retail trading going on (thus the dead message board).

      The reverse split means nothing as far as value of the company, it just changes how many pieces the company is broken up into. The only real downside is the cost of doing the split. On the positive side it does make it possible for many mutual funds with a $5 rule to now buy the stock. This isnt a huge positive though because it STILL has to be a good investment, but its certainly not a negative. As I said before, if the company does well the stock will go up, if not it will go down, regardless of the reverse split.

      I dont see the relation between how builders are doing vs MOVE. The get paid for listing a house, not building or even selling it. As long as there are lots of listings the will get lots of revenue. A crappy real estate market usually means lots of listings, a screaming market is usually caused in part by limited inventory, or lack of listings. That said I think it will remain crappy for quite some time.

      Yes this stock seemed to bounce around a lot, good for trading provided you are on the right side of the bounce. I'll see how it behaves in the coming weeks. We may see it rise after everyone realizes that the rev split wasnt as catastrophic as some had promised.

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