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  • wroomyb wroomyb Dec 22, 2011 9:38 AM Flag

    Suckers Rally: What Really Happened

    The one day surge in your precious stock was not because of the Markman hearings or any other positive events. There was no news and there were no significant events. So what caused it? It was short covering and window dressing to close out year end positions. In other words, getting rid of the junk and adjusting the books to start over again in the new calendar year. You freaks jumped to false conclusions once again.

    If your argument held any water at all, we would have seen some follow through. None at all.

    Wake up and .................................................................bite me

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    • You've been wrong for the past month.... why should we listen to you???? GO AWAY and lose some more on your shorts!

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      • I have stated several times that this company will never see revenues from Apple and the others. My claims do not make me wrong or right until you show some results. Just because this stock moves in a range doesn't mean anything. It is no different from any other trading vehicle. What is important is your claims that you will win these patent suits and receive a percentage of Apple sales along with the others. So far, you haven't produced and you never will.

        And suck on this one. I could care less whether you listen to me or not. It appears that you continue reading my remarks otherwise you wouldn't get so upset. Calm down and tell that overweight wife of yours to put the power tool away for a change. On second thought, stay away from that tool. You probably will chip your teeth.

        bite me

    • This trading does not look like a rally based on Markman hearings. More like end of the year typical stuff.


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      • WOW, I never really bought into the idea that all negative posts must be shorts trying to create fear etc. But I can't deny it is very suspect when a person tries to twist facts and then creates multiple ID's to create a sense of validation. I know you won't answer this truthfully but seriously Roomy, Why would you spend all this time doing this? Is there really a measurable difference in the price action between when you are creating all of these posts and when you are not?

    • Once again, you show us the truth that others deny.


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