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  • trade.real trade.real Jan 31, 2012 7:26 AM Flag

    Keep Pumping

    this pumpers are totally braindead
    vhc is an 11 employee building cash like crazy
    it's in the toughest business around,monetizing IP, against giants that can delay all day long..
    yet ,they keep pumping it like it's the investment of a life time
    same old crap form the beginning of investing

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    • Getupthereboy, You'll likely disappear for a while after the Markman decisions are released. It's the essence of vapor like yourself.

      I have been constant, but never claim "to da moon" tomorrow or next week. In due time that's another story.

      We can agree the road to becoming an Intellectual Property licensor is a bumpy ride, but VHC has made the all the right calls thus far in their journey. The convergence of opportunity beginning with the Markman results will be market movers. If that is pumping, then you can count on me to remind the folks that read this board to get a lift from me...

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      • you post the sane bs on all boards all day long...
        vhc is about to surge,blablabla
        please,stfu,you know nothing
        repeating the same clueless drivel all day won't do anything
        get a life dude

      • The road may be bumpy, but you constantly miss the main point. Making money is the objective. You pump this company as if you worked for them as opposed to being someone who wants to see the stock rise. The bottom line is this stock has been in a tailspin for months and a major disappointment. Yes, you may point to the fact that is once traded in single digits and several investors made money including myself, but now it is a joke following Pollyannas like yourself who delude themselves feeding on crumbs of hope. You are living in a bubble. I do enjoy observing the inmates of this asylum however. You are probably the most insane of all. Congratulations.

        Bite Me

      • jsteven, if you keep pumping every day you are going to grow hair on your palm. VHC is done.


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