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  • cwbag11 cwbag11 Apr 3, 2012 8:47 PM Flag

    I think some kind of deal is brewing

    The delay on the Markman and the lack of news from the company is telling to me. There have been lots of new stories like updates on the re-exams and European patents, but not a word from the company. Little bits of news could have made the shorts scramble. I think the company is in a news blackout period for whatever reason, probably some deal with another company. Is it a buyout, settlement, license, ect? There is some reason news is being kept hush hush. Could it be a buyout so the price doesn't get run up for the new purchaser? Makes sense to me.

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    • I do not believe there are any consortiums currently organized and bidding for VirnetX. You have to read Jeff's post closely to see his "message".

      Last ASM Kendall said the dominant value the patent portfolio was not fully visible. He has some excellent conferees in WilsonSonsini to help him analyzed the current and pending patents. I'm looking forward to his shareholder update on May 24th.

      There have been some favorable developments in the litigation in East Texas and with the ITC case. Keromytis too has been a grand slam at the PTO. Let's stay on this path that we're on and see where it leads.

    • Chipper,


      Sorry for any confusion.

    • Jsteven,
      If you think that two consortia are in the process of bidding for VHC, where do you think the ultimate price would be, given that VHC is 'only' in the mid 20's?

      I've seen a doubling of a pps on takeovers before, but wouldn't this 'process playing out' not get us anywhere near the $200 that KL once proclaimed VHC was worth? And not even anywhere near $100? Wouldn't shareholders of the winning company(s) complain loudly about their company paying more than 2X the current pps for some unknown company?

      So, are we now at the point where we have to adjust our expectations downward as to the value of VHC? I had envisioned this 'playing out' to occur over a few years, not a few weeks or months. Do YOU actually believe that there is a bidding war going on behind the scenes?

    • With all due respect, this is pure speculation. It's fun, it's hopeful, but it's speculation. There may or may not be anything going on, but VHC is always on news lock down. It is the tightest lipped company ever. So that, in and of itself, signifies nothing.

      Don't get me wrong: I hope you are right, but there is absolutely no evidence of anything happening.

    • I have a friend who knows people... they are not saying ANYTHING. It is a sealed tight box as of couple of weeks ago. Rummer is most likely correct.

    • Been in a Lawyer Based news blackout for over a year.

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