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  • idontshort idontshort Sep 17, 2012 10:47 AM Flag

    Market is telling us something

    Market is making the choice right now. Can't short no bullets. Even the pea shooters and sling shots are gone. Terp will hibernate then go to RIP. He will croak under his rock with the other worms and snakes. Its all about IQ and longs have the upper hand there. Yes 14 mil shorts will cover like rodents

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • There's no limit to the amount of shares available to short. Keep repeating that and it may evenutally sink in. There's an unlimited supply. It's called naked shorting.

    • Short interest is bumping against 16 million now, and that is incredibly stretched considering the trial has moved onto the radar. Siemens and Avaya will not have the stomach to go to trial after seeing the other fellows sign licenses. And flyers predicted that Apple would sign a huge deal in advance to screw over the competition as usual. I've read all the blogs out there, and the popular vote is Apple uses their wealth to take a small slice of the company. An investment very similar to the size they typically spend, $500 million. Then they throw a little money VHC's direction to settle the lawsuit plus sign a license at a bargain basement price. The thinking is that Apple makes all their money back from Cisco and Google alone, not to mention the gravy from the leverage over Samsung. I think flyersdh was dead nuts all over this call and prediction, and that is why I had to go long. Flyersdh does not stick his neck out without checking both directions for swords.

      bite me

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