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  • amizrachi amizrachi Dec 4, 2012 1:40 AM Flag

    Guys, to all you VHC longs, please "HELP"!!! Thanks

    Hi everyone.
    I got two questions I hope you guys can help me out with.
    1). Why didn't VHC use Apples engenieer who was stopped in his depositon.
    I would have thought that that would have been the real game changer.

    2) I have 75k invested in 340 calls for Jan 2013 $40 strike at a cost of $2.10 x contract.
    I know about the Jan 20 dateline but I'm still pretty worried.
    Guys, any suggestions?
    Beleive me, any substaintiated advice is warmly welcomed
    In advance, many thanks

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • amiz, this stock has been nothing but a gold mine for options sellers. People here will keep telling you to push them out to later months. They've been doing that for 3 years now. You keep pushing them out, paying premiums, and then lose all the premium and start all over again. The only people making money in this stock are the call sellers. And, trade for real is right, when the AAPL appeal is announced, the stock may lose 50% or more. Just be careful, whatever you do.

    • vhc will rise moderately to 36 38 around the dec 20 deadline then crash back to 20 once aapl delay is official..
      so take your money and run
      i was long 23 37,short 37 33,now flat,i'm waiting a better entry point to buy otm puts...
      do not listen to pumpers or you will lose it all...

    • There is a lot of conjecture pertaining to Allie's deposition. There is no absolute why McCool Smith did not use him in the trial. There are some rumors that they are going to use it for Cisco and also a concern about possible appeal because the judge's decision was so harsh. I frankly don't know and it may be years before anybody outside the attorneys in Kendall Larsen has an answer. It may play out in the next few months. VHC Won big without his deposition and testimony in front of the jury.

      As far as your $40 January calls, that's a roll of the dice. In my opinion this stock should be well over $40 right now, but it is so manipulated by the shorts and MM. A settlement could blow this up past $50 easy maybe even $80 with an epic short squeeze. That's one of the reasons I invested in the stock, it can go down and it can go up, but eventually it will be a very valuable investment. It is already up over 1000% in 3 years and headed that direction I believe the next 3.

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