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  • gogetemvhc gogetemvhc Dec 6, 2012 10:34 PM Flag

    Bottom reached...about to rip!

    See Soupa post on IV.

    Looks like we are about to rip...

    A bottom is reached today.....
    The NBV Bottom Alert states: "When the total NBV exceeds 1MM shares within 3 days, a bottom is reached." The last time this alert was triggered was in July:
    Date    NBV                pps                  Total NBV
    7/30     700k                24.29               700k
    7/31     360k                23.66               1,060k
    From that bottom, the pps soared 54% to $37, underscoring NBV precedes pps.
    Today, the NBV gave a similar alert:
    Date    NBV                pps                  Total NBV      Comments
    12/4     411k                33.63               411k                buyers/sellers = 3 to 1
    12/5     -27k                 33.90               384k
    12/6     716k                33.41               1,100k             buyers/sellers = 4 to 1
    Please note the similarities of these two chart patterns:
    Flat line pps
    Dull trading
    Buyers overwhelming sellers
    Total NBV exceeds 1MM.
    Hence the probability was extremely high for reaching a bottom today and I called this bottom accordingly. What to expect? A 50% rise from this bottom will take the pps to $51, again underscoring NBV precedes pps. What do ya thunk? Call your shot.
    In conclusion:
    Flat line pps + Dull trading + Relentless buying + Exceeds 1MM NBV = OP*
    * Note: For an explanation of OP, see my last post.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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