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  • jmw6969 jmw6969 Dec 19, 2012 8:37 PM Flag

    Tepie/Cherpie and I are pulling into the parking lot

    at the Courtyard in Tyler!! I showered him at the truck stop on 20 and bought him a shaver..He doesn't look too bad now that the beard is off of his face. He does have a serious comb over!! Starts about an inch above his left ear and is combed over to his right side. When the wind blows, which it does in Texas, his hair looks like a one piece lid!! Funnier than you can imagine.. Man were the truckers laughing thier ### off. One trucker wanted to cut his hair!!! I feel sorry for him so I am going to buy him dinner at the Courtyard bar. I told him he needed to get a good night sleep!!We have to get to the courthouse early because one of HJD rules is you have to wear a sport jacket to enter his court room...Terp doesn't have a sport coat with him. But HJD has rack of coats for attendees who don't have a coat so we have to get there early to mke sure he gets a coat...I hope he doesn't throw up on it wn HJD tells Apple they have lost and this is going be the settlement!!!! I will keep you posted.. oh no!!! I just went to the parking lot to give Terpie his roast beef sandwich and my car is rocking side to side!!! Lookslike I will be getting it detailed before we drive home tomorrow!! Take care

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