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  • rogers2308 rogers2308 Dec 21, 2012 4:11 PM Flag

    Management Failed Shareholders

    We waited a month to hear that we are to wait another month - predictably the market sold off 12% in two days. Where is managements demand to the Judge that Apple pay up the 368 million already owed per the Jury's decision and demand that Apple put in escrow a reasonable amount for the subsequent lawsuit. The judge is not judging he is delaying his responsibility to provide guidance and VHC stays silent all the while. I hope the VHC legal team takes a pay cut for this disaster.

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    • Truly an uninformed post by an uniformed poster. Hearings aren't judgement days, they are hearings.

    • hogan516 Dec 21, 2012 5:57 PM Flag

      roger, I think you may be on to something. There was a rumor from Tyler that the CEO and the lead attorney from McKool were heading to Mexico immediately after the hearing. Someone who attended overheard the VHC team talking about it. The way it sounded, this hearing was nothing more than a nuisance that interrupted their holiday plans. It absolutely does not demonstrate a sense of concern for shareholders when your bags are already packed for Cabo. It's no wonder the stock sold off as VHC's attorney was probably disgruntled about this side trip delaying his vacation.

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      • The shorts on this board never have any solid analysis or reasoning to their comments. Just mostly a lot of adolescent jibes and shallow put downs. The long case for VHC is so strong and so thoroughly vetted that anyone truly familiar with the story has to just laugh at the nonsense of the short attacks. Mostly they are just whistling past the graveyard. And they know it. They really have no way out other than to continue the ruinous reverse conversions that is only digging the hole deeper. Fortunately for all of us, HJD will soon put them out of their misery.

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    • A. There's no disaster.
      B. You're utterly clueless.

    • Rogers2308, sounds to me like you don't have the constitution for this kind of investing. You might want to sell out and get into something that better suits your need for instant gratification. This lawsuit is playing out exactly as expected. The timelines for hearings, rulings and decisions are actually quite speedy and straightforward. Judge Davis is one of the best in the nation and the future of VHC couldn't be in better hands.

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      • You are delusional and need to change medication if you think going down $6.00 per share in a week is progressing fine and on course. The management has no clue per their announcement of what is going on or why. So genius tell me whether Apple is appealing, whether the judge is upholding the jury's award, what the judge needs sales figures for when the last 4 quarters quarterly reports have been issued with abundant financial data, what is the purpose of getting financial sales data, where does the treble damages issue stand, where does the injunction stand, why does the CEO need a 150% bonus for tanking the stock price - we do not know anything because they are silent.

      • orbidisk, you are right on the money!

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