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  • poor_man187 poor_man187 Dec 21, 2012 5:13 PM Flag

    VHC Breaks Down - Best Stay Away

    Following Friday's speculative segment by Cramer, longs lost this week as the stock bearishly reversed, diving $5 from its highs of $36 to close right smack on its low of $31.

    I'm not sure how bulls can possibly spin this week as positive when the big court date turned into yet another delay and bear raid. Who knows when this court case will ever get resolved? Who knows if the patents will still be valid in a few months, especially since they're being reexamined?

    Bulls will continue to pump, they say be patient, and that no one expected anything to happen last Thursday. But the writing's on the wall. No one knows what the Judge's request for updated sales info implies, but judging by the approximately 10% drop in stock price, it probably isn't good for investors.

    All this hype and hoopla, even a halted stock, with message boards euphorically buzzing for days, even weeks, and the bears, the Terps, if you will, were right all along.

    At the current rate, Vhc will surely be sub- $30 next week, maybe even $25-28 by year end, and sub- $20 by the next trial date in January. Who knows?

    What I do know is that bears are in control, Fud or not, and the stock's likely going much lower.
    I'm neither long nor short, just calling it as I see it.
    The average investor is best to stay away from this one as its too volatile, trending down, and per some of the longs' own term--manipulated.

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    • This POS ain't NEVER goin' back to $40 again. We have a never ending string of "big moments" with this stock. The one thing about these big moments is their disappointment. It's always NEXT month, Monday, week, etc. This stock is a call WRITERS dream. Betting again that January(next month) news will be just as empty and the finish line will be pushed back even further, once again. New range for call writers 24-32, soon in the 20s.

    • "I'm neither long nor short, just calling it as I see it."

      And thank goodness for all the good samaritans like yourself just trying to help out the unwashed who certainly can't draw their own conclusions... go blow your #$%$ somewheres else...there's a reason your the poor_man187 :(

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Looks like Terp bought a thesaurus.

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