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  • u_spread_fud u_spread_fud Jan 24, 2013 8:52 AM Flag

    I look for Judge to start with AWARD well north of $500M and send his message to the others on VHC's bellwether case


    It will be LEGENDARY

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    • Royalty rate 1-1.5% is the key. More $$ for VHC.

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    • About 450 mill- but the 1.5% license/ royalty fee is worth Billions!!

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    • I think you need to consider the damage done to the VHC case when AAPL told the jury a work around would be easy to implement. I wonder what the award would have been had they'd known how long and how difficult it would actually be. The judge will have to figure this into his final ruling.
      Throw in I-Phone 5 sales and your well north becomes well north of $800 million.

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      • With the Big drop in APPL today combined with the overall reversal of their PPS ( down about 1/3 in last few months) the very Last thing I would think they would want to hit the wires is an Injunction on their products.And that possibility is quite real. The S Alpha article written by that Daniel guy was quite well done and someone posted his Creds and they are very impressive. So his opinion is to be respected. And as I said I think he was being very conservative. ( see posts under the thread Announcing the article)
        Never mind the 60-90 days to comply or an appeal. That stuff gets lost in the mist. IMO an announcement of an Injunction would cause another leg down in PPS of APPL And again IMO that is the last thing Tim Cook would want NOW. Hard to believe he and his executive staff are not mulling over what to do. And how to prevent. Options seem limited. All in favor of VHC one way or another. Either settle or buy. Both would be big for VHC.

        Just thinking out loud but don't think APPL ex's are not at the very least concerned and today should add to that.

        Thoughts and comments Welcome. I am a newbie so ..Please don't be too hard on me if I am off base completely :)

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